TDI, IBM and Yahoo work together to bring to production a cybersecurity data exfiltration prevention tool.

Partnered with IBM, TDI developed an advanced software tool based on IBM and Yahoo search technology (OmniFind) that sifts through large amounts of data & files, and discovers potentially sensitive or confidential information that should not be directly accessible to all personnel. Examples of such information may include Social Security Numbers, health and privacy data, copyrighted media illegally downloaded and stored on networks, hacking tools, and malware. Given the vast amount of information stored on an organization’s systems, intranets, and ships, the only reliable method of oversight over what information is present versus what information should be present on these networks and systems is to use an automated mechanism for sensitive information identification and retrieval.

Our TDI-developed enterprise search engine for extrusion prevention was featured on CNN and Yahoo websites as a leading-edge solution to identify sensitive data on large-scale intranets. Our ability to turn TDI Labs R&D efforts into usable products was clearly demonstrated in this case. These development efforts are also a testament to the tremendous additional value TDI can bring to our customers.

IBM NEWS RELEASE: Among the many business partners using OmniFind Yahoo! Edition to develop new solutions is Tetrad Digital Integrity LLC (TDI), a provider of information security and information assurance services and solutions. Using the software, TDI is developing a new information security and compliance solution for organizations to control massive amounts of data on their network and identify files containing sensitive information.

“TDI’s solution, coupled with IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition, will provide government and businesses greater control over their information flow while providing a flexible information protection system,” said Paul Innella, TDI President and CEO. “This new solution is designed to automatically search for and obscure sensitive information and prevent its release.”


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