TDI helped NOAA develop an effective business continuity & resilience strategy and plan to support their critical portal infrastructure.

TDI provided management and subject matter expertise to develop a wide-ranging continuity strategy for the National Weather Service Telecommunications Gateway (NWSTG), a portal that transmits time-sensitive critical data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to its customers, including the Federal Aviation Administration. TDI provided expertise to develop The NWSTG Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). The COOP includes a disaster declaration methodology, command and control, and individual strategies for each operational unit. TDI’s team ensured that the NWTSG COOP included a comprehensive testing plan that we used to carry out NWSTG Emergency Management and Response Team’s first test, relying on a simulated scenario of a chemical spill.

TDI’s support on this contract provided guidance on the immediate response and subsequent recovery of critical NWSTG operations adversely affected by any unplanned disastrous event. These events are defined as causing an interruption to the Telecommunication Gateway’s (TG) ability to regularly operate due to technological failure, staff injuries, loss of utility service, loss of the facility or major equipment, or any man-made or naturally occurring catastrophic event. TDI’s efforts helped NOAA develop a more effective and comprehensive continuity strategy and plan to support this critical portal infrastructure.


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