For over a decade, TDI has helped the Army, making sure logistics function securely so every boot on the ground has the very boots they need.

TDI has managed the Assessment & Authorization (A&A) efforts for the U.S. Army AWRDS program since 2006, continuously ensuring it achieved and maintained uninterrupted Authority to Operate, under both DIACAP and RMF. This has included developing and maintaining all required system artifacts, achieving and maintaining system configuration compliance, preparing and presenting the system for SCA validation visits, and managing all continuing cybersecurity tasking throughout system development, testing, deployment and fielded operations. TDI has tracked and supported development of DODAF documentation, JTIC and Army Interoperability testing, FISMA reporting, eMASS documentation, CCRI support, Contingency, Incident Response, and Disaster recovery training, operations, PPS management, and security life cycle support to the AWRDS developer’s development operations.

TDI also has supported the ARMY with custom security awareness training for analysts, developers, software testers, and their managers in the SDLC. This provides members of the development team with insights into the current cybersecurity threat landscape and DOD and Army requirements that impact development operations. Cybersecurity awareness at each stage of the SDLC is critical to developing and delivering software that will meet and support the stringent security requirements of the DOD customer. TDI has developed and delivered security training for software developers, analysts, testers that not only addresses all the core concepts required by the DOD, but also incorporates information that is of specific relevance to the target community. Training topics include SDLC relevant issues in Army Regulation 25-2, DoDI 8510.01, the Application Security and Development STIG, and current threat issues which impact delivery and government acceptance of contractor developed software products.


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