TDI provides RManagement Framework, A&A, continuous monitoring, risk visualization, compliance, and risk and project management.

TDI supports an agency within the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) by supporting the implementation of the Risk Management Framework, ensuring they are meeting the requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act and the Office of Management and Budget. Additionally, TDI serves as the single source of technical expertise with respect to implementing, maintaining, and improving security operations support, which includes the creation, planning, assisting, and conducting of training for security initiatives such as Contingency Planning/Disaster Recovery, Incident Response, and Security Awareness. TDI also provides strategic guidance and recommendations for planning and implementing security improvements to the information systems and applications supporting the business mission.

TDI provides the USDA with program and project management, Assessment and Authorization (A&A), documentation support services, continuous diagnostic and mitigation (CDM) services, cybersecurity engineering, incident response and application security support. We proactively identify risks, resulting in our ability to attempt to mitigate them before they even occur. We lead all security assessment and authorization activities within the agency. We also provide the system owners and other stakeholders notifications for each assessment to set expectations and minimize any potential negative impact on the system and the organization.

TDI is a technical leader at USDA that reviews and identifies security vulnerabilities and security posture gaps. We develop regular threat-specific reports and alerts which lead to recommendations for improving their overall security posture. We use automation to minimize false positives, allowing our security practitioners to focus on imminent threats and prioritized responses. Upon detection and initial verification of threats, TDI is responsible for escalating potential incidents to the security office leadership for decision on activating the incident response team.

Our focus is on providing timely and actionable threat information. TDI has made significant improvements in the reporting and tracking of vulnerabilities, to include increasing information accuracy, timeliness, and relevance. Our work in evaluating and assessing OMB A-123 General Computer Controls over the last several years has elevated our customer as a leading agency with year-over-year recognition from the department, including the “Most Proactive Agency” award.

TDI provides a stable management approach that is customer focused and team-oriented. We provide USDA with an exceptionally talented pool of resources that has consistently met all scheduled milestones/deadlines. When a deadline changes, due to circumstances beyond our control, TDI proactively notifies the government and provides an update to the schedule, in addition to frequent status updates.

In short, TDI is a staunch partner to the USDA in their battle against cyber threats.


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