Semper Fidelis is a motto the Marines live by & TDI embraced, having served the US Marine Corps for over a decade across dozens of programs.

TDI is a Fully Qualified Navy Validator company

Providing efficient and effective cybersecurity and Accreditation and Authorization (A&A) support for United States Marine Corps (USMC) networks, applications, and systems is a top priority. TDI has supported or currently provides cybersecurity and A&A support for a number of logistic and personnel support programs for the USMC.

For all USMC programs that TDI supports, we have successfully guided them through the A&A process, insuring they obtain and maintain timely Authority to Operate (ATO). Our experience and support for the USMC stretches far back enough to have proven useful in guiding USMC programs through both the outdated DITSCAP, and DIACAP, to the current RMF process. Some of the programs required initiating the A&A process from the beginning, while others necessitated incorporating existing cybersecurity documentation and tailoring them to fit the current environment.

TDI personnel have managed IAVA-compliance program for USMC organizations, served as USMC Green Team members, conducted activities such as incident handling and response, and handled Personal Identifiable Information (PII) spillage and/or unauthorized disclosure of PII information. Incidents on behalf of USMC clients.

TDI employees have also provided technical compliance cybersecurity services in support of USMC system and network operations. They have performed vulnerability management assessments using DoD approved tools. They have provided configuration compliance testing and remediation using approved tools (e.g., ACAS, SCAP Compliance Checker, etc.) and conducted necessary follow on manual checks where automated tools either do not complete the checks or where approved SCAP benchmarks are not available for specific technologies. TDI provides the system owner and technical contact remediation consulting services to resolve or mitigate open issues.

TDI also designs, tests, and implements Contingency, Incident Response, and Disaster Recovery plans for USMC and other government customers.

Finally, TDI provides ongoing architectural assessments and evaluations of emergent system capabilities and user requirements to support USMC business needs. We support all activities, from identification of emergent technologies with the potential to resolve operational needs, to assessments of viable candidates to support some USMC systems’ operational and technical architecture.


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