TDI developed software to automatically assess Viasat’s satellite hardware’s cyber posture & implement all associated security fixes.

TDI was commissioned by Viasat to assess some of the satellite hardware Viasat developed and how it complies with the Department of Defense (DoD) Secure Technology Implementation Guides (STIG). The effort consisted of performing a security assessment of a satellite modem communication devices based on Viasat’s proprietary technology. TDI was faced with assessing and working with technology of proprietary nature but was able to analyze and deliver the assessment results as required by the client in rapid fashion. As a result of the assessment, TDI was commissioned to implement all the security remediations the assessment identified. Given the automated environment the device was scheduled to operate in, the security remediations were also required to be performed in automated fashion. TDI developed the necessary software to implement all the remediations.

TDI implemented the remediation software within schedule and under budget. The software implements not only remediations of unknown vulnerabilities but also performs proactive security and guards the system against potential future vulnerabilities. As a result of the effort, the benefits to Viasat included:

  • Full compliance of satellite hardware with DoD STIG
  • Automated tool for implementing security remediations against DoD STIG
  • Improved security posture of satellite hardware by implementation of proactive security measures


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