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Is Your Managed Cybersecurity Provider Keeping You in the Dark?

As a CISO of a major healthcare system, you’re always looking for cost-effective ways to improve the organization's security posture while supporting quality of care initiatives.

One growing solution is to outsource a portion, or all your cybersecurity needs to a managed service provider. It’s rare if you find a managed security provider who meets all your expectations and gives you the visibility into your own program that you need. One that provides you timely, accurate, and meaningful reporting so you can truly understand your security posture and what’s needed to improve.

Your Challenge
  • Are you seeing more activity than achievement when it comes to cybersecurity?
  • Organizations are at a much greater risk when they lack insight into their actual cybersecurity performance.


Your New Platform and Dashboard for Consolidating, Monitoring, and Measuring Cybersecurity Effectiveness

CnSight offers focused situational awareness of your security through automated data aggregation, analytics, and consolidated reporting derived from your organization’s existing tools. With the insights from CnSight, you can baseline your security posture and drive maturity through data-driven conversations and decisions.

  1. This is CnSight - a workforce multiplier, quickly exposing invisible systemic residual risk so you don’t lose sight of what matters most.

  2. CnSight deploys in a snap either on-prem or in the cloud, and don’t worry, no need for any agents.

  3. Quickly see meaningful cybersecurity-focused insights on the effectiveness of your tools, people, and processes.

  4. Say yes to robust cybersecurity fundamentals. Don’t let the tyranny of the urgent distract and overcome what matters most.


We believe that what you don’t know can hurt you.

Our firsthand experience facing the challenges and complexities associated with managing cybersecurity for multiple organizations has taught us activity should not be mistaken for achievement. Today’s cyber leaders require a realistic and practical solution that provide a clear picture of what’s working and what needs to be addressed to improve the effectiveness of their cybersecurity.

We’re different – the last thing we wanted to build was another unwieldy, expensive tool that underachieved and required costly professional services. It needed to be lightweight and able to easily integrate with an organization’s existing security stack and provide immediate value.

We’ve accomplished this with CnSight, our automated situational awareness solution that addresses the mundane, yet critical functions required of all high-performing and mature cyber teams in healthcare.



See what other systems miss, and never get caught off-guard again.

Data-Informed Decision and Strategy

Use security performance data to inform your strategy and roadmap as your program grows in maturity. Effectively communicate cybersecurity posture across your in-house and outsourced security provider as well as with departments and up to the CIO and board.

Measure Progress Over Time

Baseline your organization and monitor effectiveness over time as you introduce positive changes to people, processes, and tools aimed at improving your security posture.

Streamline Processes

Quickly see what’s working or needs to be fixed to streamline workflows while eliminating the need for manual data sources and reliance on the individuals who maintain and distribute them. Literally do more with less!

Immediate Time to Value

Experience quick wins with fast installation and setup. Immediately see your blind spots across your asset inventory and vulnerability management processes.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Take advantage of your existing security tech stack without locking yourself in - Seamlessly integrate without the need for expensive professional services to configure and maintain.

Continuous Visibility

As a leader in your healthcare organization, stay informed of the most important cybersecurity metrics that readily show performance against established goals.

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