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As a contractor to the federal government, your focus is serving your customer's mission without breaking the bank whilst implementing and adhering to NIST SP800-171 and CMMC requirements.

Your ability to navigate these requirements is critical to the health and future of your business.

In a fast-paced small to medium sized business, we understand you’re stretched thin, it can be especially challenging to take on another initiative, especially one as nuanced and paramount as CMMC.

Your Challenge
  • How do you keep the trains running, while making serious strides to implement and maintain CMMC compliance?
  • Who can you trust to ensure compliance and effective security while keeping costs down?


An Automated Platform for CMMC Compliance and Process Maturity

Imagine an automated solution paired with two decades of cybersecurity expertise offering the insights you need to become CMMC compliant so you can remain focused on supporting and growing your core business.

  1. This is CnSight a workforce multiplier, that harnesses the power of your organization’s existing tools to quickly expose invisible systemic residual risk so you don’t lose sight of what matters most.

  2. Deploy CnSight on-prem or in the cloud without the need for any agents, working directly with your organization's existing tool stack to collect data of interest.

  3. This data is analyzed by our advanced analytics platform to provide you meaningful cybersecurity-focused insights on the effectiveness of your tools, people, and processes.

  4. With these new insights you can quickly see specific areas where prioritization is needed. Don’t let the tyranny of the urgent distract you from maintaining sound cybersecurity fundamentals.


We believe activity does equal not achievement when it comes to cybersecurity

After two decades of supporting industry with their most pressing cybersecurity challenges, we’ve experienced firsthand the complexities associated with managing cybersecurity. What’s missing is a realistic and practical solution to provide a clear picture of what’s working and what needs to be addressed to improve the process maturity our cybersecurity.

The last thing we wanted to build was another unwieldy, costly tool that underachieved and required expensive professional services. It needed to be lightweight and integrate easily with existing security stacks and provide immediate value.

We’ve accomplished this with CnSight, our automated situational awareness solution that addresses the mundane, yet critical functions required of all high-performing and mature cyber teams who must adhere to CMMC requirements.



Don’t sweat the burden of CMMC, trust TDI and the CnSight Platform to achieve compliance for you.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Take advantage of your existing security tech stack without locking yourself in - Seamlessly integrate without the need for expensive professional services to configure and maintain.

Immediate Time to Value

Experience quick wins with and a quick path to compliance. Define and manage controls and immediately see your blind spots across your asset inventory and vulnerability management processes.

Streamline Processes

Quickly see what’s working or needs to be fixed to streamline workflows while eliminating the need for manual data sources and reliance on the individuals who maintain and distribute them. Literally do more with less!


CnSight supports increasing maturity levels through measuring effectiveness, ensuring your program grows in maturity. Effectively communicate cybersecurity posture across departments, to the CIO, assessors, and the DoD.

Continuous Visibility

As a leader in your organization, identify and evaluate risk. Stay informed of the most important cybersecurity metrics that readily show performance against established goals.

Measure Progress Over Time

Baseline your organization and monitor effectiveness over time as you introduce changes to people, processes, and tools aimed at improving your security posture.

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