Gosec was started by one of TDI’s current developers, Christopher Phillips. Since its inception, the group has garnered nearly 100 members. Gosec’s goal is to ensure some of the more practical things learned while on the job at TDI are shared with as many industry professionals as possible. Security and designing software are complicated things, but breaking those large topics down and then presenting them in small consumable talks is what keeps conversation flowing, knowledge spreading, and a community building.

TDI is happy to have hosted the first Gosec meetup. Interest in the inaugural meetup was so strong people had to be placed on a waitlist. Christopher walked through the design and implementation of a small encryption service. Security tools have a preclusion to be designed as small executables that other security professionals can use in the terminal after reading a large amount of documentation. While this is nice for professionals, it doesn’t align with Gosec principles of making Security accessible. The presented design walked through how developers could take the small executable parts of go’s security libraries and transform them into a consumable API for other developers or a website.

If you’re interested in Gosec, Golang, or security in general you can find more information here:

The group meets once a month to stay in touch and bring new ideas and techniques to the conversation in an agile way. If you’re interested in contributing or have an awesome talk on go/security you want to give you can reach out here: chris.phillips@tdisecurity.com

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