TDI is proud to announce that Children’s National Health System, an organization universally recognized as one of the country’s top pediatric hospitals, has formalized our partnership by adopting CₙSight to monitor their security environment.  Building on our nearly 2 decades of experience, TDI found that organizations still struggle with two of the most foundational elements of sound cybersecurity: inventory and vulnerability management. We endeavored to develop an innovative solution to the growing problem faced by executives who must be accountable for cybersecurity, understand their risk posture, and stay informed of the most significant cybersecurity metrics that readily show performance against established goals. The result was our executive cybersecurity situational awareness platform, CₙSight, which ingests metadata from the existing tools deployed in an organization’s environment then provides analysis by our advanced analytics platform to generate meaningful cybersecurity-focused insights on the effectiveness of any organization’s tools, people, and processes. CₙSight also guides organizations to higher program maturity through our proprietary C-Suite Cyber Risk Reporting & Maturity Modeling function by leveraging automated data aggregation, analytics, and reporting to baseline an organization’s security posture and drive maturity through data-driven conversations and decisions.

Children’s National is deploying our product to measure and deliver cybersecurity metrics, discover opportunities for business process improvement, and bring visibility to their executive leadership. The Children’s National environment is complex, featuring a Research Institute conducting clinical trials to improve understanding, prevention, treatment, and care of childhood diseases, and houses a massive amount of Personally Identifiable Information. TDI is proud to be supporting Children’s National’s environment, and their commendable mission to excel in care, advocacy, research and education through the creation of innovative solutions to pediatric health challenges.

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