On October 17th, TDI joined a select group of companies from the Washington region to pitch their most innovative cyber products at DC Tech Meetup’s monthly meeting in downtown DC. This was  DC Tech Meetup’s first cybersecurity themed event.  The group’s 25,000 members include entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and other tech representatives.

TDI’s Jesse Dean, Senior Director of Solutions and Chris Phillips, Software Engineer co-presented a new integrated cyber performance management tool, CnSight,  to over 150 members and explained why CnSight fills an untapped need in an already crowded cybersecurity solutions market.

“People have a hard time detecting what’s important, like Equifax,” Dean told the audience. It’s really about understanding and having enterprise-wide visibility of your cyber posture  – and that’s missing.”

The team offered examples of threats a CISO might see in the private sector and pose a common problem in IT departments when reporting data from a compendium of spreadsheets,  reports, or database information – leading them to falsely consider their job done. “CnSight,” said Phillips,” helps you discover insights quickly and can help you easily flag a rogue asset or anomaly that a security team may have missed.”

Phillips then explained to the tech crowd how CnSight is easy to integrate with any number of inventory sources, to include AWS, as well as scanners already existing in an organization’s environment (Nessus, Qualys, and Rapid7). He also highlighted how the CnSight team set up a demo environment to show a CISO what he/she would experience if vulnerability management “took a vacation.”

“I was so proud of my team tonight.  TDI has spent time, money, and endless brainpower on bringing our two decades of experience to the market through our technical innovation, CnSight,” said Paul Innella, CEO of TDI, a global cybersecurity company based in Washington. “Tonight was our first demonstration to the public and I think it went quite well.  This is in no small part to the great venue and crowd brought to bear by DCTech.”

Dean and Phillips were given 5 minutes to make the presentation and introduce CnSight, which ended with a round of applause.

“The stars really aligned for us, we couldn’t have asked for a better event to demo CnSight. DCTech brought together the cyber and tech community like no other,” said Dean. “The audience really grasped the systemic challenges our solution addresses. It was great to see such universal validation of what the team has been building.”  

TDI’s CnSight platform automates Cybersecurity Performance Improvement, providing actionable cybersecurity insights that increase performance and enable needed visibility to inform data-driven decisions, especially for the C-suite and Board-level.

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