From R&D to you. TDI Labs builds cyber tools & offers actionable ideas.

TDI recognizes as cybersecurity continues its transformation from a human art into a more robust scientific discipline, R&D efforts become an indispensable and even vital part of the fields’ success, and its social and commercial acceptance. For over a decade, TDI has operated its own Research & Development (R&D) arm – informally known as TDI Labs. The Labs mission is to push forward the edge of cybersecurity research to both enhance the success of the company and also contribute to the cybersecurity community knowledge domain. TDI Labs has produced many production-ready and prototype-stage technological artifacts mainly geared towards the our industry.

The flagship products of TDI Labs are Arudius and Threat Meter. Arudius is an advanced framework for cybersecurity assessments, penetration testing and vulnerability analysis. The first version of Arudius was released in 2006 and in just one year it became the most downloaded security tool of its kind. Threat Meter provides threat intel from a broad spectrum of publicly available inputs.

TDI Labs has produced dozens of other tools, like NeWBIE which – based on the same foundation as Arudius -became the most popular open-source tool at the 2006 CeBIT tech show in Hanover, Germany. Yet another very successful effort of TDI Labs was a team effort with IBM and Yahoo that resulted in a widely publicized product featured on CNN and BusinessWeek. TDI developed a tool based on the advanced search technology OmniFind developed by IBM/Yahoo whose principal goal is to detect and extract sensitive/classified data in large unstructured data repositories like corporate intranets or public websites. TDI Labs has developed a number of other tools related to cybersecurity specifically, and hardware and Operating System platforms in general.

We would be happy to discuss these tools and our other projects with you in more detail.

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