Trump’s Pre-Election Thoughts About Cyber-Security:

Soon to be inaugurated as President, Donald Trump has displayed some alarming thought patterns towards Cyber-security overall. Prior to the election, Trump stated that cyber security was “…a major priority for both government and the private sector”, also adding that cyber attacks from any party constituted “…one of our most critical national security concerns.”

Trump’s Post-Election Ideology:

Since elected, Trump’s attitude about the nation’s cyber security seems to have changed course. Recently, he publicly stated “no computer is safe” and “hacking is a very hard thing to prove [for intelligence experts]”. Additionally, he has also noted “You want something to really go without detection, write it out and have it sent by courier.”

These conflicting statements show that his understanding of Cyber Security is very limited; which is somewhat scary as the US doesn’t have a comprehensive cyber defense strategy for the government as a whole.

There Is Still Hope:

Lawmakers and intelligence officials have already started pushing for Trump to organize a better cyber security plan.  Additionally, an investigation to determine Russia’s role in disseminating “Fake News” and aiding Trump in the election (conducted by US Intelligence Agencies) is nearing completion. The investigative report is said to demonstrate multiple motives and a ‘full range of activities Russians undertook’ during last year’s elections.

What Impact Will the Investigation Into Russian Interference Have on Cybersecurity policy?

The official release of this report will push further action from Trump in regards to cyber security: Will he substantiate the claims and move towards a comprehensive cyber-security plan? OR Will he dismiss the intelligence received as he has done in the past?

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