With cyber attacks becoming a constant threat to security, the need for the nation’s new president to have a strategic cyber policy has become increasingly important. Many researchers state that the new president will be faced with a cyber crisis within the first 100 days of his or her term. The need to crack down on cyber crime has become urgent and listed below are a few key points that may be included in the next president’s cyber policy.

Strengthening Cyber Security

It is important that the new president’s ultimate goal concerning cyber security is to strengthen it. For instance, it may seem like a good idea to create easy access to government servers for employees but this actually creates a backdoor and puts the entire system more at risk.

Sharing Information

More of an effort should go into creating an avenue for the private and public sectors to share cyber intelligence. A more open dialog between these two entities will better protect them both from cyber attacks and ultimately, strengthen the economy. President Obama has been working on this issue and the next president will likely continue his efforts.

Protecting Infrastructure

A greater emphasis should be placed on protecting the United States’ infrastructure from cybercrime. The new president should create a sense of urgency involving this point since hijacked infrastructure has the potential to cause immense damage. For example, there may already be malware placed in the nation’s industrial systems by the Russians and Chinese.

Building on Current Policy

Oftentimes, a new president will begin the term determined to make a legacy for him or herself by introducing groundbreaking policy. The problem is that this leads to lost time and momentum, resulting in not much at all. Instead, the new president should focus on starting off where President Obama ended and making improvements along the way.

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