Strong security demands a robust continuous monitoring solution so you always know where you’re at risk & rest assured your organization is instantly & continuously mitigating. Let TDI be your brawn.

A critical aspect of cybersecurity risk management is the continuous monitoring of security controls within your organization over time. TDI has developed a strategy to oversee and monitor your assets for changes that may impact their security posture throughout the life cycle of the system, network, etc. Our approach has been implemented in many of our customers and is successful as a comprehensive strategy for continuous monitoring. We achieve this by analyzing proposed or actual changes to IT systems to determine the security impact and through periodically assessing security controls and their effectiveness. Our creation of a continuous monitoring program addresses the following components:

  • Ongoing configuration management and configuration control processes
  • Periodic risk assessment updates
  • Periodic exercises for different IT Security Plans (example Contingency Plan)
  • Periodic cybersecurity scans, penetration tests, and vulnerability assessments
  • Security awareness and training and measuring its effectiveness in your organization

As your organization migrates into a continuous monitoring methodology and culture, some of your systems will enter this stage with outstanding risks requiring mitigation. Aside from these ongoing remediation actions, systems are typically in a constant state of change or need to adapt to changes that impact the system, such as the following:

  • Upgrades to hardware, software, or firmware or modifications to the surrounding environments where the systems reside and operate
  • Enhancement to system capabilities, introduction of new data sources, or changes in system interfaces or interconnections
  • Evolving Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) which require your organization to adapt detection and monitoring efforts as well as implement new controls or protection mechanisms
  • New or changes to existing industry or your security policies and standards such as new guidance from a parent company, OMB, revisions to NIST special publications, or new legislation on security management

Not only must you plan for and address these changes, but it is vitally important that near-real time monitoring capabilities be integrated into the fabric of your organization and the IT infrastructure in which these applications operate. TDI’s approach supports these and other challenges facing your organization by maximizing your available resources and providing recommendations for or rely on existing automation to efficiently perform the tasks inherent in continuous monitoring.

We will work with you to implement a continuous monitoring strategy that relies on existing and recommends future technologies and resources to dramatically improve visibility to changes which impact your organization’s security posture and may increase risk. With this visibility, you will better manage this risk by:

  • incorporating security into the SDLC;
  • rapidly detecting the vulnerability; and
  • determining and initiating appropriate remediation activities.

Our objective is to implement continuous monitoring appropriate for the system based on impact and risk providing you with fact-based, near-real time evidence of vulnerabilities, quantified by risk and recommendations for acceptance and remediation to manage the risk to an acceptable level. Our general approach to tasks, process flows and deliverables associated with continuous monitoring are as follows:

  1. 1.
    Perform a Risk Review / Assessment

  2. 2.
    Define your Continuous Monitoring Strategy/Plan

  3. 3.
    Implement your Continuous Monitoring Strategy

  4. 4.
    Continuously & Dynamically
    • Configuration & Change Management
    • Ongoing Security Control Assessment
    • Ongoing Remediation Actions
    • Key Plan & Report Updates
    • Security Status Reporting

This is a process TDI is happy to staff and manage for you or appropriately integrate into your organization while training your personnel. We are ready to do so just as soon as you’re ready to upgrade your security processes to provide real-time risk awareness and response.

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