TDI’s experienced staff can help you develop, implement, maintain & enforce policies for issuing, accounting, handling, safeguarding, & disposing of COMSEC (Communications Security) material properly.

TDI supports COMSEC to a global user community while enhancing security and minimizing costs. We can assist you in Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) by providing the capability for the automated generation, accounting, distribution, destruction, and management of electronic keys, as well as management of physical key and non-key COMSEC related items.

Given our experience, we can also provide you with a COMSEC hotline to troubleshoot Secure Telephone Equipment (STE), Tactical Local Area Network Encryptions (TACLANEs), and IRIDIUM Security Module (ISM) configurations, etc.  We will also re-key all circuits as required and provide long-distance travel support if necessary.

We will assist you in proper packing and shipping of COMSEC material via Defense Courier Service, FEDEX, and registered mail.  TDI has highly technical skilled personnel to provide software equipment upgrades, database management, the capability to review and revise KMI Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and COMSEC training. TDI also helps in the development of Emergency Action Plans (EAP), can evaluate inventories and provide for COMSEC destruction.

Finally, in support of your organization, TDI can coordinate scheduling and conduct COMSEC audits/spot-checks.  We provide this service with a detailed COMSEC audit report.  COMSEC briefings and debriefings can also be provided if desired.  We also maintain Life Cycle Management (LCM) databases to include all COMSEC equipment and software.  At end-of-life, TDI can assist in the proper removal of COMSEC equipment to ensure its secure disposal.

We have supported KMI/COMSEC activities across the globe and stand ready to do so for you.

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