It’s undeniable - your organization is vulnerable. Let’s move onto identifying, managing, prioritizing, & attacking your vulnerabilities, dynamically & continuously. TDI can help with this challenge.

TDI’s hybrid approach to vulnerability management (VM) will leave you with a sound process for responding to and mitigating threats to your organization.

With the ever-increasing sophistication of intruder and hacker techniques, coupled with the number of vulnerabilities present in applications and network environments, you must be diligent about regularly assessing your organization’s cybersecurity posture. TDI’s risk-based vulnerability management methodology for identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the weaknesses of your enterprise, systems, and/or networks can help your organization improve its security posture. Moreover, our expertise ensures you are empowered to continuously and dynamically maintain an improved cybersecurity posture thru our vulnerability management process.

We have conducted vulnerability management activities across the globe, for multinational banks, Fortune 50 companies and even the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Whether you have a mainly static or a highly-dynamic and fast-paced environment that involves a multitude of third-party vendors and internal groups supporting various cybersecurity activities, TDI can introduce standardization, automation, and streamlined methodologies into your VM process.

TDI’s approach enforces standardization to patching, scanning and analysis of active results and vulnerability trends to enable you to improve the effectiveness of your overall VM program through more precise and targeted remediation strategies. The result is an improved security posture. As an example, in six months, TDI assisted the U.S. Military Sealift Command in achieving over a 60% reduction in the number of total reported vulnerabilities in its systems and its naval fleet.

In addition, TDI successfully works with our customers to reduce high concentrations of reported vulnerabilities, overdue vulnerabilities, etc. based upon our tailored VM strategy in your environment. We will also ensure your VM process focusing on accuracy of vulnerability assessments and reporting so that systems and vulnerabilities are current and precise. Our VM reporting will ensure increased overall vulnerability awareness of your environment. This, in turn, leads to a more robust process for conducting more accurate and timely assessments, scans, and remediation efforts.

As part of our VM process, we will ensure your vulnerability assessment activities rely on or integrate TDI’s hybrid approach to vulnerability assessments, involving both automated assessment and manual validation and verification. This approach reduces false positives and ensures automated components are always augmented by a highly-skilled human factor. Our VM process ensures ongoing vulnerability assessment reporting includes detailed findings as well as a sound and tailored process for responding to and mitigating threats to your organization. TDI also works with you to integrate findings and reporting into an overall reporting database, content management system, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, etc. ensuring detailed reporting and a mapping of identified vulnerabilities to industry- and government-standard vulnerability databases. This is particularly important to ensure we identify distinct patterns in the vulnerabilities common across your organization so remediation becomes actionable. Subsequently, your VM process allows development of remediation strategies for internal assets which result in more widely applicable and cost-effective remediation solutions for your entire organization.

TDI cybersecurity engineers invoke a Business Process Improvement function across our VM activities – conducting industry research, evaluating emerging cybersecurity guidance and policy, and continually compiling and assessing “lessons learned” in supporting your VM process. This provides executive leadership with ideas and recommendations on how to streamline your cybersecurity program and enhance the functions and technologies used to assess and enhance your security posture. As an example, TDI produces lessons learned whitepapers which detail issues such as unapproved software in remote locations, and how an organization could potentially address this more effectively.

TDI has managed the IAVA-compliance program for DoD elements, provided personnel as members of Green, Red, and Blue Teams, and conducted incident handling and response activities. We provide traceability (site, user, IPA, hostname, findings, etc.) for identified Emergency Response Teams and deal with Personal Identifiable Information (PII) spillage and/or unauthorized disclosure of PII information. TDI employees perform Information Assurance Vulnerability Management (IAVM) assessments using automated DoD approved tools to include RETINA, nMap, Host Based System Security (HBSS), Hercules, DISA Gold Disk, WebSense, GFI Languard, BelManage, Xacta, USMC IA Toolkit and Security Readiness Reviews. We even perform manual checks when automated tools are not available using DISA Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIGs), DISA/NSA Security Checklists, scripts and vendor best practice recommendations for specific technologies.

With nearly two decades of providing VM services to the world, TDI will happily work with you to share our expertise.

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