More money has been lost to cyber crime than ever before.


of companies have been breached


Avg. cost per record


Avg. cost of breach


Avg. cost of all breaches in the U.S. each year

Cyberinsurance won’t cover all losses.

Uncovered Loss
Covered Loss
Uncovered Loss
$170M Total Loss
Uncovered Loss
$150M Total Loss
Uncovered Loss
$170M Total Loss
Uncovered Loss
$262M Total Loss
Home Depot
Uncovered Loss
$63M Total Loss
Uncovered Loss
$220M Total Loss

Cyber Incidents
Risk Awareness

increase of cyber incidents each year

Virtually no increase in organizational quantitative cyber risk awareness & understanding

Meanwhile, actuarial science has become increasingly accurate while cyber risk awareness has remained practically nonexistent.


chance of early death

Little idea for the likelihood of cyber attack

Neither supplier nor supplied, insurer nor insured, insider nor outsider, can truly calculate cyber risk.

No qualified adjudication system

No quantitative measure

No universal standards

No shared Cybersecurity EcoSystem

No points of comparison

The SolutionOur model produces a trusted score for cyber risk. The connected world, especially IoT, needs this score. Our EcoSystem gives it to you.

A dynamic quantitative risk valuation model which provides the cybersecurity posture of a device, system, third party, transaction, or organization and its environment, represented as a trusted score.

TDI’s EcoSystem is formed by the partners, customers, developers, systems, etc. that rely upon TDI’s quantitative model and upon which it relies.


  • Insurance Companies
  • Third Party Suppliers
  • Large Businesses
  • Hospitals
  • E-Commerce
  • Large Organizations
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Security Technology Vendors
  • Investment Banking
  • Internet of Things Companies
  • Machine-to-Machine Providers
  • Smart City Technology Companies
  • Governments
  • Mobile Device Manufacturers

TDI’s score could introduce qualification and potentially authentication of IoT devices.

E-Commerce companies could be ranked helping create a new standard for online security.

Corporations could better manage their 3rd party suppliers and avoid being exposed to the risks of partnering with nonsecure vendors.

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