Assessment & Authorization (A&A)

We’ve helped our clients navigate Government compliance since before A&A was C&A and FISMA was GISRA

Cloud Services

Whether you’re moving to the Cloud or already in, TDI’s Cloud Services keep you free of cyber rain.

Business Continuity & Resilience

Good businesses continue after you go home. Better ones do so when you’re at the beach for 2 weeks.

Continuous Monitoring

Cybersecurity evolution demands a robust continuous monitoring solution & TDI can be your Darwin.


You’ve done it: tools, people & process. Now you need one ring to rule them all & TDI is your smith.

Incident Response & Recovery

Incident Response & Recovery – You’ve been hacked. The clock is ticking. TDI rapidly responds & gets you prepared against next time.

Cyber Analytics

Nearly 2 decades of cybersecurity experience aimed at your data so you can make sense of it.


KMI/COMSEC supports the national security mission of the U.S. TDI helps make it happen.

Penetration Testing

Want to ensure your IT walls can withstand a huffing & a puffing – then bring in a big bad wolf, TDI.

Policies & Procedures

TDI’s policies & procedures deliver you a culture of cybersecurity, not just a binder on the shelf.

Managed Cybersecurity Performance

Understanding and managing how well your cyber program is doing is a problem for many organizations. MCP is here to change that.

Secure Engineering & Architecture

An IT lifecycle is but a bandage on your IT armor & not a defense unless you bake in cybersecurity.

Systems Integration

From selection to implementation to operation, TDI integrates solutions to meet your business needs.


TDI teaches from experience, not from books, offering experts who have published & lectured worldwide.

Risk Management

Data is your lifeblood. TDI can develop your risk management strategies for its secure stewardship.

Vulnerability Management

Malware, ransomware – vulnerabilities everywhere. Let TDI set up process & technology to manage them.

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