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December 27, 2001

Leading information security company retains TDI for due diligence services

December 22, 2001

SANS cites expert opinion of TDI's executive team

December 10, 2001

Kroll hires TDI personnel to research security industry technology companies

December 6, 2001

TDI execs team to produce another SecurityFocus article

November 30, 2001

TDI provides new security services offering to local firms

November 9, 2001

Geobridge and TDI team to provide security training to F&M Bank

November 5, 2001

DC Non-Profit retains TDI for ongoing outsourced security services

November 1, 2001

Secure Computing Magazine publishes article to which TDI VP contributes

October 31, 2001

TDI appoints Oba McMillan, CISSP, as new Vice President

September 25, 2001

Artel uses TDI's intrusion detection expertise

August 31, 2001

RedSiren, the largest privately held security services firm, recruits TDI's security services

August 21, 2001

TDI to present at Internet Security Seminar

August 15, 2001

TDI provides emergency response for Rockville-based biotech firm

August 7, 2001

Planet partners with TDI for Intrusion Detection deployment

July 26, 2001

Kroll again retains TDI services for highly focused security commitment

July 23, 2001

Gerson Lehrman Group solicits two distinct TDI analyses

July 19, 2001

Planet Technologies, Inc. retains TDI vulnerability assessment services

June 28, 2001

Kroll uses TDI for specialized security engagement

June 12, 2001

Cytivity Corporation places TDI on retainer for continual security services

June 1, 2001

TDI contributes to SC InfoSecurity News Magazine article

June 1, 2001

TDI Co-Founder, Paul Innella, quoted in SC Magazine

May 21, 2001

TDI provides specialized security services to Artel, Inc.

May 13, 2001

Stanley Associates, Inc. looks to TDI to provide internal security services

April 9, 2001

TDI publishes article in