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December 15, 2004

TDI and Stanley awarded five year Marine Corps contract for network engineering and information assurance/C&A support

December 8, 2004

US Government organization CIO delivers Letter of Commendation to TDI for security services provided on Enterprise Resource Planning, Voice over IP (VoIP), Enterprise Security Infrastructure, and Web Infrastructure projects that TDI supported

November 8, 2004

TDI supports Sarbanes Oxley security audits of Washington Post and Newsweek

October 30, 2004

TDI performs application security assessment of US Government organization web-based system

October 12, 2004

TDI and TruSecure win DEA award to perform security assessment of DEA

October 10, 2004

TDI, teamed with Geobridge, performs security assessment of Brookfield Homes

September 21, 2004

Stanley and TDI perform vulnerability assessment of US Government organization web application

September 17, 2004

QuickHire retains full time C&A support for government customers from TDI

August 13, 2004

TDI awarded security services contract withMonster

August 4, 2004

TDI wins large Vulnerability and Risk Assessmentcontract with USAC

July 27, 2004

QuickHire calls on TDI to provide C&A documentation for its customers at GSA,DOC, and Coast Guard

July 14, 2004

NPA arranges to have TDI’s Securinix distributed to all of its members

July 2, 2004

US Government organization awards VoIP Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E) effort to TDI

June 21, 2004

TDI appoints new Director of Business Operations and Development who brings nearly 50 years experience with government programs and operations management, particularly in the Intelligence Community

June 9, 2004

TDI provides forensics support to assist one of its customers in responding to an intrusion

May 25, 2004

US Government organization calls on TDI to perform ST&E on PeopleSoft HRMS deployment

May 19, 2004

TDI to help USAC determine NIST compliant security requirements for web portal development project at USAC

May 3, 2004

TDI’s Executive VP, Oba McMillan, was appointed Director of Education for the National Chapter of ISSA

April 27, 2004

USAC taps TDI to develop Incident Response Policy

April 21, 2004

NIHawards C&A contract to TDI partnered with CSMi

April 17, 2004

TDIbegins work on IT Security Audit contract with NASA

April 3, 2004

USDepartment of Energy awards EIA EOP II contractto Orkand/TDI team

March 29, 2004

TDI and Sherpa Technologies provide vulnerability assessment services to EIT

March 14, 2004

TDIprovides IV&V services to test US Government organization security devices

February 26, 2004

Paul Innella, TDI's CEO, appointed VP of Education for National Chapter of Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)

February 21, 2004

SHP relies on TDI for HIPAA compliance assessment

February 4, 2004

Marinesexercise option year for security serviceson web applications

January 30, 2004

TDI provides C&A services, in form of SSAA for over 65 government agencies, to prepare IT systems for large online HR company using DITSCAP and NIACAP

January 11, 2004

SecureITand TDI partner to provide security auditservices to hosting company