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December 13, 2005

TDI presents two-day IDS/IPS Seminar to ISACA’s New York Metropolitan Chapter

December 2, 2005

Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS) calls on TDI to perform vulnerability assessment

November 7, 2005

TDI’s Chief to speak at ISACA’s European Conferences in Amsterdam on Cyber Terrorism and IDS/IPS

November 1, 2005

Freddie Mac relies upon TDI to provide risk assessment services

October 31, 2005

TDI begins work at BIS providing Information Systems Security Officer support

October 17, 2005

Geobridge and TDI team to provide second vulnerability assessment to Brookfield Homes

October 13, 2005

TDI wins contract extension for network engineering support at USAC

September 30, 2005

Stanley continues to rely on TDI for IA support on JSF option year five

September 29, 2005

TDI donates nearly 5% of monthly revenues to American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

September 27, 2005

WebMD once again taps TDI for IA compliance and engineering support

September 11, 2005

US Government organization asks Stanley/TDI team to conduct ST&E recertification on HR systems

August 9, 2005

TDI and Stanley win contract extension at the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security

August 5, 2005

US Government organization asks TDI to assess standard builds for key servers

July 27, 2005

TDI provides US Government organization with "Hacker Training" course

July 23, 2005

US Government organization taps TDI/Stanley team for IT Infrastructure Disaster Recovery testing

July 18, 2005

TDI and TKC Tech partner on a five year services contract to provide IA support for the DEA CTO

July 13, 2005

NASA calls on TDI once again to perform penetration testing services

July 1, 2005

TDI to provide USAC with Continuity of Operations support

June 13, 2005

USAC awards contract to TDI for the development/implementation of a centralized logging system

June 6, 2005

TDI provides IA support to Stanley for the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security

June 1, 2005

TDI performs disaster recovery tabletop exercises for the US Government organization

May 23, 2005

WebMD calls on TDI for government IA compliance services

May 16, 2005

TDI expands services at Joint Strike Fighter Program to provide DoD IA Policy and Procedure Guidance

April 13, 2005

TDI extends systems engineering support of Stanley at USMC

March 21, 2005

EMS relies on TDI for external penetration test

March 8, 2005

TDI wins USAC contract to develop Information Security Policies and Procedures

February 19, 2005

US Government organization awards large-scale network penetration testing contract to TDI/Stanley team

February 18, 2005

Internet World relies on TDI’s CEO to speak at annual conference in London this June

February 14, 2005

Stanley taps TDI for DITSCAP and IA expertise on Joint Strike Fighter program

February 10, 2005

TDI gets extension to continue VoIP security testing on US Government organization

February 3, 2005

ISACA taps TDI CEO, Innella, to speak at flagship International Conference in Oslo this June to discuss IDS versus IPS

January 29, 2005

TDI provides CareFirst with intrusion detection expertise

January 19, 2005

USAC awards TDI three separate technical network information security engineering contracts

January 11, 2005

TDI provides Motion Industries with penetration testing services

January 8, 2005

TDI Chief to speak about Cyber-Terrorism at Contingency Planning Management Conference in Las Vegas this May