With a climate of ever increasing, high-profile hacks hitting some of the biggest corporations and government agencies; the breach possibility becomes a question of if and not when.

Considering the ‘when this happens’ ideationGovernment entities and large corporations alike need to develop a smart incident response plan. With the ability to fluidly respond, you mitigate the chances of losing business or violating your client’s trust. However, it is impossible to know how your organization’s response will pan out; unless you test it.

The Breach Simulation:

TDI Security offers a service for comprehensive Penetration Testing which will give you an opportunity to view the existing holes in your security, evaluate the response time of your technical staff, and create a plan of attack for fast resolution.

Important Characteristics of a Successful Breach Response:


The formula is simple: Faster Response Time = Less End-User Impact. If you can quickly communicate a breach to important outlets with strategic responses already drafted (ie stakeholders, media, and users); loss of trust and further data loss can be avoided.

Know Your Weaknesses:

During any data breach, it is necessary to know who you need to notify and actively work with to eliminate threats. If you attempt to call the Director (or key stakeholder) and they are not available, you’ve hit a roadblock. This determines a need to identify several backup candidates with the power and permission of the absent official.

Practice Makes Perfect:

The key to success in a large data breach is ensuring all of your resources know what to do, how to do it, who they should involve etc. If you’ve run a Breach Simulation and three departments failed; you need to create a strategic plan with each department.

Rinse and Repeat:

In the same vein, if another Breach Simulation is run and only two departments fail; you’ll need to re-evaluate the plan in place and make additional adjustments to ensure success. Rinse, and repeat until you’re as close to 100 percent efficiency as your company can be.

nSights Report


nSights Report