If women make up over half of the population in the United States why aren’t they becoming involved in the important field of cybersecurity?

Tyler Cohen Wood from Cybersecurity Ventures tells us:

“As the hacking problem grows exponentially, less young people enter the field of cyber security and even fewer still are women, … It is vital that we figure out why young women are not interested in pursuing the cyber career space and work to solve this problem.”

What does a cybersecurity professional look like?

There is no doubt that the field of cybersecurity is dominated by male thought leaders and experts.

Years ago when children were asked to think about a doctor most of them thought of a man.

Now, thanks to women breaking down the barriers the fields of medicine this is no longer the case.

This also needs to occur in the area of cybersecurity.

How many women make up the cybersecurity workforce?
Only 11% of the cybersecurity workforce are women

How many women are working in the cybersecurity industry?

According to The Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu only 11% of the world’s information security workforce are women.

And yet, they claim that women hold 50% of professional occupations in the US, and that 25% of all computing occupations are held by women.

When we look at the low figures women occupy in cybersecurity roles, there is no doubt that there is a lot of scope for women to make a significant impact in this area.

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