We are excited to share that some of TDI’s leadership has been nominated for the 2021 CyberScoop 50 Awards! Paul Innella, TDI’s CEO, has been nominated for the Cyber Industry Leadership award and Jesse Dean, TDI’s VP, Solutions, is up for the Technology Leadership award. TDI is proud to have representatives among the nominated and we look forward to finding out the results in October.  


The CyberScoop 50 Awards have several categories, including Big Thinker of the Year, Security Pioneers, Community-Builder of the Year, Government Leadership, Technology Leadership, Cyber Industry Leadership, and Most Inspiring Up & Comer. The awards are held annually, and they set out to, “celebrate and honor the accomplishments of cybersecurity leaders in both the public and private sector. These men and women are responsible for protecting vital networks, information, and critical infrastructure. Through their hard work, ingenuity, and creativity, they aim to fend off hackers, stay ahead of adversaries and protect American networks.” The host of the awards, CyberScoop, is one of the leading cybersecurity media organizations, reporting on news and events that impact the technology and cybersecurity industries.   

Voting ends on Friday, October 8th, so get your vote in before then! The winners will be announced on Monday, October 18th 

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