TDI Titans promote technical excellence, stress technical superiority, & develop technical leadership to help shape the direction of TDI.

TDI Titan’s Purpose

  • Promote technical excellence & its practical application to industry & our clients
  • Stress technical superiority and talent development
  • Develop technical leadership to mentor other TDI employees
  • Shape the technical direction of the firm
  • Apply solutions to real-world scenarios

2 Titan levels – TDI Titan or TDI Titan Associate

TDI Titans help define initiatives and develop solutions that align with TDI’s strategic objectives by:

  • Defining technical service offerings
  • Helping develop product ideas
  • Engaging in research and development (R&D) efforts
  • Participating in business development and sales activities
  • Developing into thought leaders in various technology areas (e.g., cloud, mobile, pen testing, threat intelligence, risk management, continuous monitoring, etc.)
  • Helping develop other TDI employees through knowledge transfer

Each year, TDI Titans will have to maintain active status thru:

  • Maintaining active certifications
  • Participating in ongoing initiatives as assigned and defined by TDI Titan leadership

We recognize our Titans for active participation with the following:

  • Certificate of TDI Titan Program Participation
  • Named recognition on TDI’s website
  • Participation in the Annual T3 Summit (technical seminar / conference and off-site)
  • Shirt with embroidered TDI Titan log,
  • Opportunities for monetary awards (e.g., Spot Bonus)
  • Participation documented in employee development plans and performance reviews

See how you can join our team and change the future of cybersecurity.

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