You’ve done it: tools, people & process. Yet can you measure your risk & protective measures. Let TDI articulate your risk & ensure you implement the right framework & governance for accountability.

Over nearly 20 years of working with organizations of all sizes, in all sectors, and across the globe, we recognize several constants:

  • most boards are unaware of their cyber risk
  • very few organizations have an enterprise-wide cybersecurity framework
  • even less have governance to ensure the framework is implemented and effective in its application

TDI introduces a governance function into our customers focused on measuring and overseeing the framework and controls implemented to recognize and articulate cyber risk, ensuring they create value and a dynamically secure cyber posture. To do so, we will work with you to produce reports which represent risk in a succinct and actionable manner understandable by all. Analogous to financial statements, which can be grasped by any organizational board, we work to represent risk in a manner that is consistently and easily understood regardless of where it is being presented. This is something at which we greatly excel, so much so we’ve developed CnSight, our C-Suite Cyber Risk Reporting & Maturity Modeling (C2R2M2) solution to help your organization quickly view your risk and determine if your cybersecurity framework is continuously providing value to mitigate it.

We support presentation of your cyber risk posture through the development of or integration with a cybersecurity framework. Ultimately, we will help you implement a governance component to oversee your cybersecurity framework. Our goal is help you understand the value your cybersecurity framework provides in terms of reduced risk and associated cost along with improved security and associated reporting.

TDI has experience with a wide array of governance frameworks which we will bring to bear in your organization, either through directly implementing them or by tailoring them to meet your needs. We have worked on countless engagements with NIST Risk Management Framework, ISO 9001, COBIT, ISO 27001, Six Sigma, ITIL, etc. In fact, TDI has built its own cybersecurity governance framework and maturity model which we’ve built into CnSight and implemented at a number of organizations.

We welcome the opportunity to help your organization, from the board level on down, articulate your risk, implement a cybersecurity framework to mitigate it and a governance function to provide oversight and accountability.

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