Cyber breaches and hacks are an accepted reality. The difference in how they impact your organization depends on how you handle them. TDI can advise you on operating successfully despite an attack.

The threat of “cyber-attacks” is a stark reality of doing business in today’s electronic marketplace. Industries are addressing security concerns using methods that have become increasingly outdated, if not obsolete. The defense-in-depth concept of hardening your perimeter with intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), security information and event management (SIEM) technologies, and comprehensive firewall rules are important first steps. However, with the emergence of cloud technology and increased adversarial attack techniques, this methodology still leaves gaps in your enterprise.

It is more a question of when your organization will be compromised versus if, regardless of the technological safeguards you may have implemented. Organizations must not only respond quickly, but also effectively, to cybersecurity incidents. Responding to security intrusion and incidents is generally not a simple matter. Effective incident response requires a high level of technical knowledge, communication, responsibility, and coordination among your organization’s technical staff tasked with responding to these incidents.

In addition, recovering – oftentimes in the midst of an ongoing incident – to an operationally sound state or better is a daunting task.  You must contain the incident, ensure it is incapable of further damage, recover and restore your systems and data, and manage the non-technical components of communicating the incident to your staff, shareholders, law enforcement and potentially the media.

Let TDI Help You Respond & Recover from the Inevitable

TDI has the experience and know-how to help you build and implement your organizational incident response & recovery capability/strategy. We can also align your process to existing bodies like the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT). By developing a commonly used infrastructure of policies, practices, and technologies to facilitate rapid identification, response and resolution of threats, TDI can enhance your ability to protect your organization from attack and limit the damage and scope of attacks when they do come. We can also assist in analyzing compromised systems in order to extract both informative lessons for future incidents and to obtain potential evidence for use in a court of law to prosecute the offenders while maintaining an electronic chain of evidence. TDI is prepared to help you protect against and respond to any and all cybersecurity incidents.

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