Disasters happen. TDI can provide business continuity planning which – when disaster strikes – can restore your operations to normal with little downtime while minimizing the impact to your business.

An Incident Response (IRP), Disaster Recovery (DRP), Business Continuity (BCP), and Continuity of Operation Planning (COOP) help organizations prepare for and recover from disruptive events whether natural or manmade. Your ability to operate your business or carry out organizational missions can be disrupted by technological failures, staff problems, loss of utility service, facilities or major equipment, malware attacks, or many other catastrophic events.

With decades of experience assisting corporations and federal agencies develop IRPs, DRPs, BCPs, and COOPs and the technology that supports them, TDI has the expertise to help your organization build an enterprise-wide continuity and resilience process. TDI can design and develop effective disaster declaration methodologies, command and control, and tailored recovery and resilience strategies for your operational units.

No plan is truly effective unless employees understand it, prepare in advance, train to use it, and test the plan. TDI can help your organization develop policy, procedures, training plans, and testing scenarios to validate plans and ensure your employees understand how to prepare for and execute the plans. TDI can provide guidance on immediate response and subsequent recovery of critical operations in response to unforeseen disastrous or disruptive events.

TDI can help your organization prepare for, recover from, and maintain operations when disaster strikes.

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