Organizations have struggled aligning the interests of both the security team and the board of directors, something critical in establishing a working cooperation between the two. Our MCP offering is here to change that.

Our Managed Cybersecurity Performance (MCP) offering allows for a much greater ability to prioritize imperative cybersecurity initiatives that reduce risk for the entire organization with a measurable ROI, understandable by all.  TDI offers a unique perspective to commercial organizations with over 21 years of experience on the front lines of cybersecurity operations, engineering, and compliance supporting some of the most targeted commercial, military, and government organizations in the world. MCP leverages their experience in helping hundreds of customers navigate oceans of wasteful and inefficient cybersecurity initiatives. 

Our MCP offering delivers stress free, comprehensive and instantaneous visibility into your entire cyber environment for a holistic interpretation of where you are in relation to your cybersecurity goals. Hassle-free industry-specific reporting in just a few clicks. Automate repetitive tasks and save your team time and effort while also delivering accurate reports to senior leadership and the Board. Our platform scales and ties everything together showing you how well you are performing against known Cyber Performance Indicators and what needs improvement/attention. 

MCP is tailored to solve your problems and mitigate risk. With MCP you get: 

  • Reduced legal & fiduciary liability  
  • Reduced Ransomware  
  • SME Advisory  
  • Continuous Compliance  
  • On-hand Advice  
  • Improved ROI  
  • More Affordable Cyber-insurance 
  • And much more 

“TDI’s approach to Managed Cybersecurity Performance (MCP) has been a game changer for us. We now have added visibility and insight to better understand risk and the ROI (return on investment) we’re receiving from our other security provider. Our security program continues to mature and we’re able to maintain continuous compliance. MCP gives me one less thing to worry about and frankly makes my job easier.” 

– Johnny Yang, Director Information Security & Compliance at Ogilvy

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