100s of Pen Tests. Fact. Clients in Intel, Defense, Civilian, ICS/SCADA, Banks (big ones), museums, IGOs/NGOs, Fortune 50 firms, satellites, jets, & naval vessels. Need a pen test? TDI’s got this!

Penetration Testing is an invaluable technique to enhance any organization’s cybersecurity program. From developing a detailed plan, to performing the test and providing a full report, TDI has the expertise to help improve your organization’s security posture.

TDI’s Penetration Testing expertise offers you a proactive and real-time assessment of your organization’s security posture. If you’re looking to perform a “Pen Test” to discover intricate findings above and beyond a previously conducted risk assessment, TDI has the personnel to ensure your success. When you’re evaluating the effectiveness of existing cybersecurity measures for components of your IT environment with the highest risk for threats (e.g. public facing websites, remote access, email, wireless), TDI has the experience to support your needs. TDI can help your organization assess its current security posture by developing a Penetration Test Plan with a clear state of objectives, scope, and schedule, and through high-caliber execution of the Pen Test. We leave you with a comprehensive report and in-person debrief in terms that upper management can quickly comprehend while in-the-weeds technical staff can act upon. Our goal is for you to walk away from our efforts with a clear understanding of the holes in your environment and a plan of attack to address these risks.

TDI’s approach will address your requirements through a well-defined process affording an immediate solution for discovered security weaknesses and allowing for a continuous means of providing and maintaining proper security and compliance.

The Penetration Test scenarios we will conduct address many areas such as the following:

  • Outsider scenarios to simulate someone with little or no specific knowledge of your assets and who works entirely from a presumptive basis to attack or otherwise gain access to your systems.
  • Insider scenarios to simulate actions of someone with access permissions internal to your network and who may have malicious intent or gain unintended access to your resources. An internal penetration test is similar to an external test, except testers are on the internal network (i.e., behind the firewall) and have been granted some level of access to your IT assets or specific network systems.
  • Segmentation scenarios to confirm segmentation methods are operational, effective, and isolate all out-of-scope systems from systems in a given segment. A segmentation penetration test is conducted as part of the internal test and confirms segmentation methods appropriately block access to systems in a given segment.

We are prepared to leverage our expertise and knowledge in assessing and securing the necessary perimeters, front-facing applications, and network infrastructures to provide you world-class cybersecurity services for this effort.TDI has been performing this exercise for the better part of two decades, across the globe, and in every type of organization. Let us do the same for you.

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