Wherever you are in your cloud journey, TDI offers the deep understanding and technical expertise required to realize the benefits of the cloud, securely.

The benefits of the cloud are well known. Three advantages which are often cited – security, cost savings, and greater availability – can be realized in some cases though only when supported by an experienced and skilled implementation. Otherwise, achieving these benefits should not be a blanket assumption when transitioning to the cloud. TDI has cloud experts who have managed and architected enterprise-scale cloud environments across commercial and government sectors and are ready to help you ensure your cloud environment is secure, provides a return on investment, and is there when you need it.

Cloud Services Aimed at Realizing Cost Savings, Security, and an Always-On Environment

To realize these benefits, organizations need to be thoughtful in their approach to procuring and managing their cloud infrastructure. One of the first steps TDI will guide you through is to align your business objectives to ensure you prioritize security, availability, cost, and additional criteria important to your organization.

From there, we will perform an assessment of which applications make the most sense to move to the cloud. Perhaps your organization has a relatively new codebase for a public facing application which has seasonal demand. Maybe your codebase needs to be refactored and optimized for the cloud. In these and many other scenarios, a full Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment Analysis will be completed to weigh all costs against your already identified business objectives. Included in these costs should be any of the business and regulatory requirements that may drive additional costs around ensuring an adequate level of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of a system. An application requiring 24×7 availability can cost just as much in the cloud as it does on-prem in some scenarios and we will help you evaluate these decisions. Other costs to consider are integration with existing data centers and/or applications to include identity management solutions.

Along with ensuring business objectives are integral to your cloud environment and tied to cost criteria, TDI will build an appropriate governance component germane to your organization. Governance (or lack thereof) is one of the biggest reasons organizations new to the cloud experience significant growing pains. This is especially true as you incorporate a DevOps philosophy in your environment. Existing teams may not have the requisite knowledge of cloud technologies to secure them properly. This, coupled with weak or new policies and process, creates opportunities for misconfigurations and data exfiltration such as the case in the AWS S3 incidents that made headlines.
In addition to the need for a lightweight governance structure and properly trained staff, there is a certain level of security monitoring that is needed which TDI will implement. Tools native to each of the cloud providers are available, as are excellent third-party solutions, that provide alerts when defined certain parameters are met and we will work with you to tune and configure them appropriately for your environment. Finally, based upon your team’s capacity and skillset, we will develop a robust monitoring strategy to ensure an extra layer of protection against actions of malicious and non-malicious users alike.

In short, TDI’s staff and past experience equip us to help you take a trip in the clouds, supported by a team whose heads are anywhere but in the clouds.

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